In this post, we’ll be doing something different by looking at two e-liquids instead of one. The two vape juice flavors are Lush Ice by VGOD and Unification by The Merge. Lush Ice has the flavor of a watermelon candy flavor infused with menthol while Unification brings you the taste of vanilla ice cream, ripe banana, and chocolate sauce. These two e-liquids that are equally good.

Lush Ice by VGOD

Lush Ice is a great summer vape. This is the perfect e-liquid to grab when you’re looking for something fruity and refreshing. When vaping this VGOD e-liquid, you initially get a blast of menthol flavor. On the first draw, the menthol feels very intense, but after the second and successive draws, it’s not in-your-face.  The watermelon candy becomes apparent on the exhale. Lush Ice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. The cloud production of this vape juice is pretty good. It produces just the type of thick vapor that cloud chasers will love. This VGOD vape juice comes with varying nicotine strength levels. You can get Lush Ice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. You will get a mild throat hit from this e-juice. The menthol flavor contributes to the smoothness of the throat hit.

 Unification by The Merge

The Merge’s Unification is different from Lush Ice by VGOD. This e-juice is quite sweet. It has a nice, creamy texture from the banana. This e-juice tastes a bit like a banana split. On the exhale, you get hints of chocolate. Apart from Unification, some other e-liquids in The Merge series are Advocacyman and Transmission. About 20% of all the profit from sales of The MeRGE e-liquids go to vaping advocacy. Unification has a vegetable glycerin (VG) propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. The cloud production of this e-liquid is not bad. You can get this The Merge e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This vape juice is very smooth on the throat. You will barely feel a throat hit when vaping it. There is no harshness at all. You can get both Unification and Lush Ice at the E-Juice Pack online store. This vape shop has a lot of exciting discount offers. You can get VGOD’s Lush Ice 60ml bottle of e-liquid for only $17.99. This is a discount of $4.90 on the actual price of this product – $22.89. You can get a 60ml bottle of Unification for only $19.99 at this store. This e-juice is usually sold for $24.89, this means you’re getting $4.90 off. E-Juice Pack has a wide collection of e-liquids from almost all the top brands in the industry. But this store does not only sell e-liquids, but you can also buy vaping devices and accessories from the shop. E-Juice Pack has an e-juice subscription service that you can sign up to receive e-liquids monthly. There are three subscription packages on offer – the starter pack gives you two  100ml bottles of e-liquid for only $34.99 monthly. The power package gives you three 100ml bottles of e-liquid for only $49.99 monthly, and the connoisseur package offers 100ml bottles of e-liquid for only $74.99 monthly. This e-liquid subscription service allows you to enjoy some of the best vape juice flavors on the market without spending a fortune or wasting time doing trial and error. Each month you receive a different set of e-liquids. Also, shipping is free. You can cancel your subscription at any moment. VGOD’s Lush Ice is a perfect vape juice for menthol lovers. Unification is a very sweet vape, but it is not overly sweet. I highly recommend both e-liquids. VGOD and The Merge are known for creating high-quality vape juices using the finest ingredients.

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