Today, we are going to take a look at one of Vaptio vape pods, the Vaptio Solo Flat. Perhaps its flat duckbill-shaped drip tip is where it got its name “flat.” Anyways, check out the device and see whether or not this something you should be vaping next. So what’s in the box? You can get this starter kit for only $17.99 at Smokly. The package includes a Solo Flat device, a Solo Flat drip tip, two Solo Flat tanks, a USB cable, and a user manual. By the way, that price is a discount. Its original price tag is $19.90. You’d save a little, but a saving is a saving. The device comes in black, gold, and silver color. The Solo Flat by Vaptio is a pod-style starter device, which means that atomizer is built-into the tank. This also means you need to change the entire section and not just the atomizer. The mod is sleek, and the mouthpiece is comfortable. You will find a tank level window on the side. This is pretty convenient if you want to check the amount of e-juice left inside. When you take a hit, you will find a long thin LED light along the 650mAh Solo Flat battery. This light also serves as a battery indicator. For instance, it will light up until the battery is fully charged. Speaking of the battery, you can easily charge it via the port located on the side. It will probably take around 2 hours to fully charge it. According to Vaptio, it has a “fountain-like indicator” to signify your battery status. The Vaptio Solo Flat comes with a 1.5mL tank, which can be filled through a hole located in the shoulder of the device. The size of the hole is convenient enough that it can fit wider gorilla bottle nozzles. If you check the hole, you can see that it is sealed by a silicone bung, which is also connected to the neck area by a collar type section. Just be careful when handling the bung as you will have a hard time finding it once you lose it. Now, thanks to its 650mAh battery and a 1.0ohm coil, this baby can produce up to 15 watts of power. The Vaptio Solo Flat is draw-activated, ditching complicated buttons that need to be pressed to make the device work. While its price sounds cheap, its sensor or sensitivity does not disappoint. You will see the mod firing even the slightest draw on the mouthpiece. Most people prefer the pod vape system if they want to experience mouth-to-lung (MTL) hits. As for the Vaptio Solo Flat, consider taking two straight draws to produce more vapor. Direct-lung inhaling may be easier with this, but the vapor is still lackluster. Another downside I noticed is that this is a little bit on the noisy side. There are instances when you could hear a little noise; this is not a big issue though. Overall, the very sensitive draw activation sensor installed in the Vaptio Solo Flat is really impressive. Refilling the tank and charging the device is also easy. However, I think it lacks the power to hit to the sweet spot. This device is really designed with beginners in mind. Just pair it with a good and tasty nicotine salt vape liquid and you are good to go. The battery life of the Vaptio Solo Flat is pretty decent and can last you a day. It has a size of 128mm×20.3mm×13.8mm and it is ultra-slim design. You can easily fit the Vaptio Solo Flat inside your pockets or small bag. I also love the lip-friendly duckbill mouth. It also does not use a proprietary charging system, making it convenient for many users. Besides, this thing charges fast. However, if you prefer something like a tear-shaped vape system, you may want to check out the Vaptio ET that is packed with 550mAh battery and can produce as much as 12 watts of power.