A lot of my friends have decided to shift to vaping, and the first question they tend to ask is what juice I can recommend. Frankly speaking, there are tons of blends out there and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. But I usually suggest Vape Moar products. Vape Moar has a wide variety of selection, and one of my favorites is Mellow Gold, a tobacco vape juice that has been carefully crafted to suit the needs of ex-smokers. Its official flavor profile reads, “If you’re an ex-smoker, like most vapers, you’ll appreciate the time and effort we put into this flavor. Most vapers don’t like tobacco flavors that taste TOO much like tobacco, so we’ve amped up the subtle and mellow tones of a well aged tobacco and added hints of caramel and nuts. It’s very similar to a traditional RY4 flavor, but with a twist you’ll love. Mellow Gold is tobacco the way it should be done, smooth, a touch of sweet, and that complex tobacco body you know and love, with no ashy taste or heavy pepper tones.” Check out more Small Prices Vape Moar bottles here. In terms of appearance, the ejuice itself is indeed mellow golden in color. Its consistency is a bit thick, but you will not have any problems in wicking. I guess my love for tobacco flavors will give me a bit of a bias on this. Some reviewers said Mellow Gold ejuice is one of the many American copies of the China-made RuYan caramel tobacco blend (RY4). Should this be true, then I think this is a perfectly replicated flavor. Mellow Gold is a tobacco flavored blend with a sweet nutty caramel taste. Indeed, you can really taste lots of very sweet caramel sugar in it, making this suitable for those who have a sweet tooth. On the inhale, you will definitely get that mild tobacco taste. Then nutty undertones and soft sweetness of caramel start to reveal themselves inside and all throughout the exhale. This awesome sweetness stays until its way out. And the entire flavor is finished with a distinct tobacco note that will only make you crave for more. This vape juice is also packed with an undertone of the smell of Dutch rolling tobacco, which is a bit sweet and light. If you are as meticulous as me, then perhaps you can taste some imaginary black tea leaves notes. But what I really like about this vape liquid by Vape Moar is how pleasing this is to the throat. Again, although this is a tobacco-based eliquid, the tobacco is not overpowering or as dominant as you might  think. The vapor coming from Mellow Gold is warm and smooth. Mellow Gold is a blend of 90% vegetable glycerin and 10% propylene glycol. I like the puzzling aroma it produces. It always makes you wonder what’s in this that smells so irresistibly good. If you do a smell check, you will notice a delicious combination of nutty fragrance and caramel tones. You can smell subtle tobacco scents too. Mellow Gold comes in five different nicotine levels. It is available in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg. If you ask me, there is actually no clear-cut answer as to what nicotine level you should start at. But I highly suggest you begin lower and gradually increase the strength until you don’t find it satisfying anymore. You see, nicotine bears its own flavor and it tends to alter the flavor of your eliquid. Also, getting more nicotine in vaping is easier than you expected. Picking the perfect nicotine level is more of a personal preference. That being said, I suggest you explore on your own. Besides, nothing beats the feeling when you find the perfect one for you (and this is applicable in all life’s phases LOL). Overall, I find Mellow Gold by Vape Moar surprisingly good. It is indeed a sophisticated flavor, and I am saying this in a good way. Other than sweet lovers, I think this is also best paired after munching something savory or salty. It tastes perfect with a cup of coffee as well! Now who’s excited to give this baby a try? You can snatch your own 18-ml Mellow Gold bottle sampler for as low as $3 only! Shop at Vape Moar now to score some cheap vaping deals.

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