Sub-ohm vaping is the bomb for vapers who enjoy blowing massive clouds with every puff they take. If you enjoy higher nicotine hits, then you will also appreciate sub-ohm tanks. Vapers who also want smoother throat hits and more intense flavors will undoubtedly enjoy sub-ohm vaping. Despite all these perks of sub-ohm vaping, there are some indispensable part of it that needs to be discussed. If you have known anything about sub-ohm vaping, then you are likely to say the coil resistance is the most essential aspect of sub-vaping. Although you are right, it is not the whole truth of the matter. Apart from coil resistance, you need the wattage and voltage for a pleasant sub-ohm vaping experience. WOTOFO has some of the best sub-ohm vaping devices. Coil Resistance The lower the coil resistance, the more current flows through it. Most manufacturers have focused on making their coils to have lower resistance. If the coil has lower resistance, it will increase the wattage output. This is essentially the trick behind sub-ohm vaping. The resistance of the coil produces more heat, which burns more vape juice and produces bigger clouds and a stronger nicotine hit. If the resistance of your coil is higher, then there are chances that you may not enjoy your sub-ohm vaping experience as much. Battery Voltage The battery and voltage of your sub-ohm device are necessary for a memorable vaping experience. You want your battery generating more power, which in turn will need a higher voltage. If the voltage is not high enough, the wattage will not increase, and the sub-ohm process may not begin. Remember that you need a lower coil resistance to sub-ohm vape. Most lithium-ion batteries have voltage ranging from 3.7 to 4.5 volts. But there are batteries out-there with higher volts. A higher voltage is an important point to consider when buying your batteries for sub-ohm vaping. Wattage You need the right wattage for you to have a successful vaping experience. The wattage is just as important as the battery and coil resistance. The wattage is behind the power that produces that much-needed heat that is crucial to sub-ohm vaping. You need a high wattage to enjoy sub-ohm vaping. However, you must be forewarned that not any high wattage would work. Most manufacturers have recommended wattages for their devices. And if you stick to them, there is a huge chance that things will go right. But you do not follow the guideline of the manufacturer, and things could go terribly wrong. It is always better to stick to their recommendations. Some coils and batteries are sold with the required wattage. All you have to do it check for the prescribed wattage set it and have a great vaping experience.