Disposables are becoming the best way to enjoy e-cigarettes, and it’s easy to see why. To begin with, they’re easy to use, they don’t require any maintenance or cleaning, and they’re cheap! So if you are looking for the best way to quench your nicotine thirst on the go, consider investing in disposable vapes.

But wait,  how will you know the best disposable vapes to purchase? Well, it can be unclear because so many different types of disposable vape pens Canada are available today. Although most vape pens are good enough to satisfy your needs, some may see you regretting soon after investing in them.

To find the best ones, you must do a lot of research, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially for people with busy schedules. I understand that, so I’ve compiled this list to give you a breakthrough.

The post highlights the Best 2 best disposable vapes that are worth your money.

Vuse Pods

Vuse pods Canada is one of the leading brands of disposable vape pens. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Their products are made from FDA-approved materials and meet all safety standards, so you should be confident when buying.

With Vuse Pods, you will enjoy the following features

  • 275 Puffs – With vape disposables, you can enjoy up to 275 puffs before damping. This might appear less; however, you’ll quickly see why if you think about the cost and size.
  • 350 mAh Battery – The battery capacity of the Vuse pod is 350mAh. It’s not the highest capacity, but it’s still more than enough to get through an entire day without recharge.
  • Magnetic USB charger – With this charger, recharging your vape pen will be more than enjoyable. 
  • Stylish and compact – If you want to bring your vaping experience wherever you go, use weightless disposables to suit such needs.

Stlth Pods

Stlth pods from Bo Vaping are another famous brand among vape enthusiasts. The company has been in the market for quite a while and is currently on its way to becoming the industry leader.

Supposing you’ve never tried the products, you are missing a lot – try them now and enjoy the following features.

  1. Up To 200 Sweet Puff  – Depending on how you vape, Stlth Pods Canada can deliver up to 200 Pods which are just enough to keep you invigorated the whole day.
  2. 2ml flavorful e-juice – With this capacity for its price and size, there’s no doubting that the Bo Vaping offers impressive deals you shouldn’t let go of.
  3. 40+ Different Flavors – With all these flavors, you won’t ever run out of options if you go for stealth pods.
  4. 3x2ml pods – The deal is juicer in that you get two packages of 2ml each. That means you get 6ml of juice per package, which translates to great value.


Are you still confused as to what type of vape pens to buy? Then try vuse pods or stlth pods. You don’t need to worry anymore because the review has simplified your work. All you need to do is buy with confidence and see the results yourself.

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