The actual flavor of toast and the sweetness of strawberry jam is what this e-juice all about. Strudel E-liquid is really straightforward with the flavor and surely provides us with a nice and clean flavor with this Super Strudel E-juice by Strudel E-liquid. A good e-juice for newbies and those who focus more on the flavor than nicotine content. No strong or weird sensation on the throat nor too much aftertaste. The smell has the right sweetness which is not irritating to the nose. It is also ideal for drippers and cloud chasers alike. The wonderful flavor, fast delivery, and enjoyable vaping experience are worth a thumbs up. As for the sensation of the throat, this e-juice gives a moderate throat hit. There is little sensation while the vapor travels to my throat but it is not a bad sensation. Another thing I like is that this e-juice did not give me a thirsty feeling or leave any dryness of the mouth or throat after vaping. Strudel E-liquid was able to seize the clean flavor of  strawberry jam and toast with this e-juice. The sweetness and juiciness really make you feel like you have the real thing in your mouth. This is surely satisfying and irresistible. It has nice smooth fruit and toast flavor and does not leave any strong aftertaste. Manufactured by Beard Vape Co, Strudel E-Liquid is commited to providing exceptional quality and safety. The premium e-liquid is formulated with the highest quality ingredients of. The liquid is prepared and bottled in a certified ISO clean room facilities with child safety caps and seals. Strudel brings the breakfast treat to your vape in a high VG vape juice that puts out tons of clouds but offers a fantastic sweet, creamy, and fruity flavor. Your only regret with Strudel juices may be that you only ordered one bottle. Super Strudel E-juice by Strudel E-liquid has an allocated proportion of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 70/30. This is perfect for transporting enough flavor in the vapor while producing abundant clouds. When you vape, there is a nice cool freshness. You will love the aroma of strawberry jam and toast. Cloud chasers like the high VG for another reason. Apart from obtaining a mouthful of wonderful taste that Super Strudel E-juice provides; the fact that there is only a mild throat hit allows them to perform many tricks with the clouds. The clouds are thick, sticky and semi-fluid. The perfect type of cloud for performing different tricks. This spectacular Super Strudel E-juice vape liquid is available in 4 different strengths of nicotine. Your choices are 0 mg or no nicotine for new vapers or vapers who aren’t really interested in the nicotine content or with little to no cravings for nicotine, 3 mg or very low nicotine for vapers who want a little bit of nicotine but in subtle quantities, 6mg, or low nicotine for those who want that extra kick or who  are substantial smokers, and 12mg for heavy smokers who want to ditch the smoke and fire for vaping. Do note that nicotine level is solely based on individual preference and might require a little bit of experimentation especially for newbies. With simple and attractive packaging, Super Strudel E-juice by Strudel E-liquid has a bottle that is clear wirh a sticker boldly bearing the Super Strudel E-juice logo. The logo is printed on the front of the bottle with the ‘Super Strudel E-juice’ inscription . You will also see the information about the product clearly printed on the bottle. You will not have to worry about spilling the contents since the bottle cap is tightly locked in place. This product has a dropper style cap. Don’t let the simplicity of the bottle fool you though. The content with its unique blend and extraordinary flavor more than makes up for it. This e-juice is available in a 60ml clear gorilla glass bottle. You can purchase this amazing juice along with other great products by various premium vape-juice producers at VapeFu, a vape shop that partners with only the best vape product manufacturers.Head over there now.

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