CBD Oil Tincture For Dogs and Cats by Penelope’s Bloom is a premium CBD product that is designed to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Although this CBD tincture comes at a cheap price, it is made of high-quality ingredients namely chamomile, Medium Chain Triglycerides oil (also known as coconut oil), and full-spectrum CBD oil. The tincture is vegan, non-GMO, and organic. As an animal lover, you will be happy to know that the tincture is also human-grade (fit for human consumption) – so you can rest assured that your beloved pet is using the highest-quality product available.

Chamomile is a plant that humans have used for many years for its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties. In animals, it can aid in decreasing gas and digestive pains by relaxing the muscles in the stomach. The plant also has the ability to promote calmer, happier moods, and will help your pet feeling comfortable.

Medium Chain Triglycerides oil is made from the meat of coconuts and contains at least 90% saturated good fats – a healthy and key source of energy and fuel for your pet. It also, much like chamomile, has anti-inflammatory properties to keep your pet feeling relaxed and well.

The full-spectrum CBD oil in this tincture contains a high level of protein, fatty acids, Omega 3, and Omega 6 – all of these are very beneficial for your pet.
The oil also contains flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and vitamins, which all help to stimulate your pet’s endocannabinoid system. The tincture (alongside all of Penelope’s Bloom products) contains less than 0.03% of THC.

The tincture comes with four different concentrations of full-spectrum CBD oil: 250mg (for pets under 30 pounds), 500mg (for pets 30-90 pounds), 250mg (for pets 90-120 pounds) and 1000mg (for pets over 120 pounds). This means that no matter the size of your cat or dog, Penelope’s Bloom can help!

Penelope’s Bloom is a company that deeply cares about animals and their well-being, and so a portion of the proceeds from any purchases you make will go to a non-profit organization that supports animals all around the country. This passion for animals is also what makes this tincture so beneficial for your cat or dog – Penelope’s Bloom has made sure that the tincture has a light, earthy flavor which is easy for your pet to digest.

Unlike other companies, Penelope’s Bloom only uses eco-conscious ingredients in all their products and tinctures, so you can happily know that while your pet is feeling better, the earth is feeling a little better too!

In summary, this cheap CBD Oil Tincture for pets by Penelope’s Bloom spreads goodness in every direction. From its beneficial ingredients and its pet-friendly flavor to its impact on animals and our planet, it is a tincture that you can trust at a low price. Most importantly, your pet is safe with this product.

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