The Revenant Vape Cartel 80W Mod is another product from the collaboration between Revenant Vape and Cartel. It is basically a smaller version of the popular Cartel 160W Mod. The Cartel 80W Mod comes with similar features to the Cartel 160W Mod. However, it runs on a single 2500mAh built-in battery that can output up to 80W. On the other hand, the Cartel 160W runs on dual 18650 batteries that can output up to 160W. The Revenant Vape Cartel 80W comes with the same colorful design as its predecessor. Currently, the version of this mod available on the market has a greenish yellow splatter paint design. It is possible that this mod would be released in other colors. The outer shell of the mod is made of unique full dyed resin which feels very smooth and rubbery. It is unclear if each Cartel 80W Mod has a unique design like the 160W Mod to enable users to differentiate their devices. This mod sits very comfortably in the hand with its dimension of 72.2mm by 36,6mm by 23mm. Also, it is rounded at the back, so the edges do not press against your palm. You can get the Revenant Vape Cartel 80W Mod for $54.99 from any top vape store. The Cartel 80W Mod comes with the cutting-edge Omni Board by Vaporesso which allows you accurately control wattage and temperature. The mod has a smart wattage feature that automatically reads the resistance of your coil when you fix an atomizer and adjusts the wattage accordingly. The Revenant Vape Cartel 80W Mod supports a resistance range of 0.05ohm to 5ohm and a temperature range of 100 degrees Celsius to 315 degree Celsius. There is a spring-loaded 510 gold-plated connector for attaching atomizers to this mod. The Cartel 80W can fit most atomizers measuring 22mm to 24mm without any overhang. It works with either titanium, stainless steel or nickel wire coils. The Revenant Vape Cartel Mod can be used in different modes including a Bypass mode, a Customized Curve of Temperature (CCT) mode and a Customized Curve of Wattage (CCW) mode which give you greater control over the wattage and temperature that you vape. There is a bright and clear 0.91-Inch OLED screen on the body of the mod for controlling the settings. Like other vape mods, the screen displays information like the battery level, wattage, and resistance. However, unlike other mods on the market that have only two up and down buttons apart from the firing button, the Cartel 80W comes with a third button for switching between modes. The interface also functions slightly different from others on the market. You need to press the fire button five times to switch the mod on. If you press the up and down button at the same time the screen flips upside down. You can lock the screen by pressing the mode and up button. As stated earlier, the Revenant Cape Cartel Mod has a 2500mAh non-removable battery.  There is a USB port on the side of the mod for charging it and for upgrading the firmware. At the base of the device, you will find some ventilation holes for the battery. There is sleek gunmetal finish on the top and sides of the mod, which adds a nice touch. The Revenant Cape Cartel 80W Mod is designed in the U.S. and assembled in China. It was released this year. If you want a less expensive version of the powerful Cartel 160W, this mod is for you. The Cartel 80W Mod gives you not only great performance but also versatility. Overall, it has a solid build quality.

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