The Orion DNA Go kit by Lost Vape is an advanced device which features Evolv’s DNA Go chip, a well-machined chassis, and a compact design. Lost Vape joined the vape market in 2014 and is known for pushing the boundaries with its innovative technology and astounding craftsmanship. The Orion DNA Go is a stylish and powerful pod. It is not the cheapest pod kit on the market, but it makes up for its hefty price with its high-end features and performance. The Orion DNA Go is a refillable pod system has a durable alloy shell with real carbon fiber finish. It is the first pod device to come with a DNA chipset. You will find the airflow control underneath the mouthpiece of the Orion DNA Go. The device measures about 93mm tall, 37mm wide, and 13.5mm thick, so it fits well in the hand. It is lightweight yet solid and fits easily pocket. On the body of the Orion DNA Go, you will find a cartridge lock for the pods. There is a firing button below that, an LED light indicator, then an adjustment button, and a micro-USB port concealed away at the base. The Orion DNA Go pod kit sports a 950mAh lipo battery with a maximum power output of 40W. It takes 40 to 60 minutes to fully charge the device. The Orion DNA Go comes with 3ml cartridges, with two different ohm ratings. The 0.25-ohm pod has better vapor production. These pods are for direct lung vaping. The 0.5-ohm pod produces richer flavor and is a mouth-to-lung device. The pods are black in color but are translucent so you can see the level of e-liquid. The pod cartridges are made from polycarbonate, while the coils in the pods are stainless steel with organic cotton wicking. The pods snap on and off very easily. The filling port is located at the top of the pod. Just unscrew the cap and fill. Next to the filling port, there is a Delrin drip tip and airflow control. The DNA Go chipset from Evolv works with their Escribe software. If you download the software from Evolv’s website, you can use Escribe to upgrade firmware and customize your vaping experience by altering between Low, Med, and High wattage settings, and more. You can also use the Evolv’s patented Replay mode, which allows you to save a power setting that you feel is perfect for you. The advantages of Replay, according to Evolv, is an extension of battery life, dry hit prevention, a consistent hit every time, and an extension of your pod’s lifespan. The DNA Go chipset also offers a Boost function, to increase power output. It also has an auto-detect feature that recognizes your pod’s resistance and adapts accordingly. The Orion DNA Go Kit is priced at $86.86 and is available at Superior Vapour. It is available with a black, silver or gold finish. This starter kit includes:
  •     1 x Lost Vape Orion DNA Go
  •     1 x 0.5ohm pod ( installed )
  •     2 x 0.25ohm pods
  •     1 x Lost Vape lanyard
  •     1 x Micro USB cable
  •     1 x Instructional manual
This kit also comes with a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid from Superior Vapour. The Orion DNA Go Pod System by Lost Vape is probably not for everyone. You may be spending a little extra, but odds are, you will enjoy this pod system more than others.