Nicotine pouches are increasingly becoming an alluring option for people looking to quit smoking and suit their dependence on tobacco. Although they are only making waves in the U.S. now, nicotine pouches have been popular in Scandinavian countries for up to 300 years. The precursor of modern nicotine pouches is snus – a pouch packed with tobacco leaves that Swedish farmers put under their lip. Over the years, snus has evolved so much and in modern times, companies like NIIN are responding to the call for non-tobacco alternatives.

NIIN Pouches is a California-based company that is pioneering the production of non-tobacco nicotine pouches in the US market. The company launched its collection of nicotine pouches earlier this year and has continued to make waves in the market.

So, what makes NIIN nicotine pouches unique? A lot of nicotine pouches in the US market are made with tobacco-derived nicotine. However, NIIN uses tobacco-free nicotine sourced from Next Generation Labs to manufacture its nicotine pouches in a cGMP-approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Although NIIN nicotine pouches are made with tobacco-free nicotine, they are just as potent as those made with tobacco-derived nicotine. The only difference is that you do not get any of the impurities found in tobacco-derived nicotine such as tobacco-specific nitrosamines. Niin pouches are available with 3mg and 6mg of nicotine.

Another thing that sets NIIN nicotine pouches apart is the fact that they’re pre-moistened. Now, this may seem like a tiny insignificant detail, but it has far-reaching implications. Most nicotine pouches on the market are dry pouches. How it works is that you put the pouches in your mouth and it is saturated with your saliva before it starts to release nicotine. On the other hand, with NIIN pre-moistened pouches, there’s no need for your saliva to activate the release of nicotine. It starts to release nicotine the moment that it is put in your mouth. The pre-moistening technology used to make NIIN pouches also ensures that the flavor lasts longer as the pouch sits in your mouth.

At 34mm, NIIN nicotine pouches are larger than normal nicotine pouches. They are made with a soft-feel material and wrapper in micro-perforated paper so they’re comfortable in your mouth. These pouches contain a eucalyptus-derived base. The eucalyptus-base are neutral so they don’t have an effect on the flavor of your pouch.

Currently, NIIN nicotine pouches are only available in five different flavors namely Cinnamon, Citrus Chill, Spearmint, Cool Mint, and Wintergreen. Each one of these flavors is unique and taste very delicious. These pouches are very easy to use – you don’t have to chew on them or require any other device to use them. Simply pop one pouch into your mouth, fit it between your gum and inner lip, and leave it there for 10 to 30 minutes. You’ll know the nicotine release has started when you start to feel a tingling sensation in your mouth.

You can get NIIN nicotine pouches from the NIIN online store. You can get a can with 20 pouches for only $4.49. Pretty affordable, right? If you’re looking to save money and stock up on your supply of NIIN nicotine pouches, you can opt for NIIN Pouches value pack deal. As part of the value pack deal, you can get 10 cans for $42.99, 15 cans for $61.99, and 20 cans for $79.99.

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