People usually have different tastes and preferences, not only when it comes to the type of e-liquid but also the percentage of flavorings in a specific e-liquid. One may feel 15% flavorings is too much while the other one may feel it is too weak. Though the process of mixing in most cases involves trial and error, and you may end up making unsatisfying mixes all the time, it can save you time and trouble knowing the right percentage of e-liquid to use depending on the variety of e-liquid. Flavor concentrate is often made of several components. A typical flavor will contain PG and VG. The amount of VG and PG depends on the e-liquid flavor. Flavor strength is the amount of flavorings that you want in your finished e-liquid and may vary depending on your taste.   About mixing Flavorah e-liquids Flavorah aims at ensuring that you enjoy the best vape experience possible. With Flavorah DIY comprehensive guide, you may want to reevaluate everything you know about DIY vapor since Flavorah vapor flavorings are, in general, more powerful than any flavorings in the market. However, the guidelines provided are often reasonable starting points since usage rates are different; hence you are free to find your methods and preferences.   General tips ensuring ideal e-liquid percentage
  1. Use Flavorah mixing guide. To ensure the best e-liquid percentages, take advantage of Flavorah guidelines. has all the online tools and resources you may need to come with the best DIY flavors. Our site has lots of information that is dedicated to DIY flavors and e-liquid-recipes. One of its most useful information can be found under mastering the Art DIY vapor Vol. 1
  2. More doesn’t mean powerful. Adding lots of flavor in your mix does not necessarily mean that the vape will be more powerful. Overdoing or overusing the concentrates may end up muting the taste of your vape.
  3. When using existing recipes, avoid directly replacing concentrates between brands. This is because different brands have different recipes hence using them at the same time you may end up different results.
  4. Always be aware of the potency of the products you are using. Potency not only varies between products of different brands but also between products of the same brand. Some companies are notorious for their potent concentrates. For example, where 1-2% is more than enough for a recipe, you may find the range of potency is up to 10%. To know the ideal potency, one should look at the average mixing percentage; which in the case can be found at
  5. Make notes. After testing your DIY, make lots of notes on each flavor. Is the vape too strong? How good will it be if it is at 50/50 blend rather than max PG/VG? If you keep detailed notes, you will be able to know the DIY e-liquid percentages each time and will also help you improve your future e-liquid mixes and also improve your e-liquid recipes.
  6. Test each flavor separately. Do you want to know how each percentage of concentrate will affect your mixes? Try vaping it on its own. You can visit for the recommended DIY e-liquid percentages if you are not sure where to start.
Like any other hobby, e-juice DIY can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Some can mix a simple vape juice in less than a minute, others can spend months trying to come up with the best flavor combination. With Flavorah it doesn’t have to be complicated but it is upon you to decide. Flavorah is here to help you have all the fun and make sure it is all easy for you.