Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia tastes just as the flavor description says “The Perfect Blend Of Vanilla & Custard With a Strawberry Flavor Undertone”. The sweetness of this e-juice is not too strong. You will certainly enjoy it even if you are not into sweet blends. If you are tired of vaping overly-sweet e-liquids and you are looking for something unique to cleanse your palate, this is a perfect choice. When you open a bottle of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid, the first thing that will strike you is the aroma of vanilla and custard. The strawberry flavor in this e-juice tastes natural. It is just the kind of fruit flavor that you will taste in smoothies. When vaping Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid, you will get the sweet taste of the vanilla and custard flavors on the inhale. On the exhale is when the strawberry flavor shines through. This e-liquid has a savory aftertaste that lingers on in your mouth. The taste and aroma of this premium e-juice is bound to thrill your taste buds. Vapers who have a thing for custard ejuices and berries will particularly be impressed by Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia. When you inhale the juice, you can taste the real flavor of custard and vanilla blended with strawberries. It is so tasty that you will want to vape all day long with it. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid has a lovely taste that remains consistent with every hit. This is an awesome e-liquid, it’s my breakfast vape and great with a cup of tea. The sweetness of Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid stays consistently interesting throughout the inhale and exhale. And even after you have stopped vaping Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid, its pleasant aftertaste lingers in the mouth for a long time. This is arguably one of the best eliquids ever. Vapetasia E-Liquid lines are brought to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. Vapetasia is well-known for being the producer of Vape Parfait and Vape Lemonade along with over a dozen other flavors across a total of 7 different lines. They are well regarded for their stringent manufacturing standards using only the finest ingredients. Vapetasia strives to make only the highest-quality juice for your e-cigarettes. They use only the best ingredients and bottle the e-liquid in a sterile environment upholding the strictest standards for the products you inhale. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid like all other Vapetasia E-Liquid contains high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30. This e-juice has a thick and smooth texture. This texture makes Green Apple Sour Straws ideal for dripping. Flavor chasers will enjoy vaping Vapetasia E-Liquid from an RDA. You can also vape Green Apple Sour Straws e-juice with a sub-ohm tank. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid’s simple approach combines smooth vaping experience with exquisite taste. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid ejuice by Vapetasia comes in various nicotine concentration levels to ensure that you have the best experience. If you prefer zero to little nicotine when vaping, then the e-liquid is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 0 mg or no nicotine is usually for new vapers or vapers who aren’t really interested in the nicotine content or with little to no cravings for nicotine, 3 mg is usually for those want a little bit of nicotine but in subtle quantities, and 6mg or low nicotine for those who want that extra kick or are substantial smokers. Nicotine level choice is based on individual preferences and it could take a while to determine the one you will want to go for. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid has an elegant packaging design. It is packed in a clear gorilla unicorn bottle which comes with a childproof cap. You will find the Vapetasia logo on the side of the bottle as well as some information about the product. It is pretty easy to fill a tank or drip on coils directly from the bottle. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid by Vapetasia. is so affordable and you get the best value for your money. You can get a 100ml bottle of this e-liquid for only $24.97. Killer Kustard Strawberry E-Liquid can be ordered along with other premium vape juices on  

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