One of the sweetest e-liquids so far from Humble Juice Company is Smash Mouth. This delicious dessert consists of ripe strawberries, crunchy graham crackers, and sweet custard flavor. The combination of cereal, fruits, and creamy custard makes this a one-of-a-kind e-liquid. Smash Mouth is surely an all day vape. While it is rich, the flavor doesn’t get overwhelming. Flavor Description The sweetness of the Smash Mouth is its greatest selling point. Despite its sugary taste, the different flavors come out very well. There is no weird, chemical from Smash Mouth even when you turn up the wattage. When vaping this e-liquid, the sweet strawberry flavor stands out on the inhale.  You can tell that this is a sweet treat. On the exhale, the graham cracker flavor kicks in. The sweetness of the flavors is balanced by the custard flavor. Smash Mouth is a tasty e-liquid. You won’t get bored with this dessert vape juice. Smash Mouth and other Humble Juice e-liquids usually come pre-steeped. However, do not hesitate to steep this e-juice again if it doesn’t quite taste as you expect. Steeping can drastically improve the taste of ane -liquid. This e-juice will get a brownish color after you leave it to steep. VG/PG Mix Smash Mouth has a vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 80/20. You’ll need a sub ohm tank or an RDA to vape this e-juice. The flavor really comes out on an RDA. This e-liquid is a real vapor machine. You will get thick clouds of vapor after each puff. Cloud chasers would love this e-liquid. It doesn’t get any better than this. Nicotine Level Humble Juice Company produces Smash Mouth with different nicotine concentration levels. The intensity of the throat hit that you will get from this e-juice depends on the nicotine level that you select. At 0 mg, you’ll hardly feel any throat kick. You will experience some mild throat sensation if you’re vaping the 3 mg. For a stronger throat hit, the 6 mg will do. The throat hit is intense, but it is also smooth. You will get a pleasurable vaping experience with this e-liquid. If the 6 mg is not enough you, you can mix Smash Mouth with another e-juice that has a higher nicotine level. Packaging Design Humble Juice Company uses the same distinct packaging design for all its e-liquids. Smash Mouth is packed in a clear chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a child-proof cap. There is a simple and elegant label with the Humble Juice logo and other information about the product like the bottle size, VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength level and more. Conclusion Smash Mouth is one of the best strawberry vape juices on the market today.  It surely lives up to expectations. If you’re into sweets, this e-liquid is particularly recommended for you. Humble Juice has other impressive e-liquids like Pee Wee Kiwi, Donkey Kahn, Berry blow Doe, and many more. You will find Smash Mouth and other Humble Juice e-liquids at many online stores, but the best place to get it is directly from the Humble Juice online store. You can get a 120 ml bottle of Smash Mouth for only $24.99 at this store. This price is a steal.  You won’t get a better deal anywhere else so get a bottle of this e-liquid now. Humble Juice Co. provides many incredible offers like its Build Your Own BOGO deal where you buy an e-liquid to get another bottle for free. You will enjoy excellent customer service when you buy from Humble Juice. Transactions are completed quickly and the delivery of orders is quick.

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