How do I get the primer fluid out of a new electronic cigarette atomizer and prepare it for use?

  Vapers need to have an atomizer for their e-cigarette. The atomizer is one of the essential parts of the e-cig itself. When you purchased your first electronic cigarette with the best price that also offers a selection of special and cheap e-juice, you probably threw the atomizer and cartridge straight onto the battery and started puffing, as I did. Your atomizer is responsible for turning your favorite e-liquid into a vapor. You probably got an “off” taste for several puffs, maybe several rounds, before you began to taste the actual electronic cigarette liquid. The “off” taste is primer fluid, and it feels horrible. Electronic cigarette atomizers come dampened with primer liquid because it helps to prevent them from being used dry, which leads to a sudden atomizer failure. So, for your second atomizer, you certainly do not want to repeat the mistake that you made with your first. The key to getting the primer liquid out of a new atomizer is to give it a good cleaning before you use it for the first time. People have different methods for this. I’ll share mine, and then I’ll tell you how a lot of individuals on the electronic cigarette forums do it.  

Preparing a New Atomizer: Jack’s Method

  1. Put a drip tip on the atomizer, even if you do not use it for dripping. Although you don’t have to use a drip tip, you’ll find this method unpleasant if you don’t.
  2. Fold a paper towel or napkin into a small square, and hold it against the battery connector end of the atomizer. Wrap it around the atomizer so that the paper towel will catch all of the liquid that comes out of the small holes.
  3. Blow firmly through the drip tip for 2-3 seconds. The paper towel should now have a wet spot where you held it against the atomizer.
  4. Add about 4-5 drops of electronic cigarette liquid through the drip tip. Use the flavor that you intend to vape with.
  5. Place another paper towel square on the end of the atomizer and blow the liquid through again. All done.
  6. Place the atomizer on a battery, add liquid or a cartridge as desired, and enjoy.
You can repeat this process more than once, but I find that once is enough to clean out the vast majority of the primer fluid taste without wasting your good e-liquid. Don’t like this method? Here is an alternative way that I commonly see on forums. This approach gives the atomizer a good deep cleaning, and it sometimes helps to resurrect a dying atomizer. I don’t use it on new atomizers personally because it takes quite a bit longer and I want to start using a new atomizer right away.  

Preparing a New Atomizer: the Deep Cleaning Method

  1. Fill a glass with enough neutral-tasting alcohol (such as vodka or Everclear) to fully cover the atomizer.
  2. Place the atomizer in the glass and swish it around to clean it thoroughly.
  3. Place a mug with some water in the microwave, and heat the water to a little below boiling.
  4. Transfer the atomizer to the hot water and swish it around to rid it entirely of the alcohol. (Note: alcohol is flammable; do not skip this step!)
  5. Remove the atomizer from the water and blow firmly on one end to clear it of excess water.
  6. Allow the atomizer to dry completely before using it.
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Dripping without buying an electronic cigarette drip tip?

If you have already spent money to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit that includes disposable cartridges, it is understandable that you might not want to spend the extra money needed to buy a drip tip and a bottle of electronic cigarette liquid as well. You might have heard that dripping is the best way to consistently produce large amounts of vapor from an electronic cigarette, but buying a drip tip and a bottle of liquid adds more money to the expense of getting started with electronic cigarettes. Although this method still requires you to spend some money on a bottle of liquid, it will save the $10 or so needed for a drip tip until you decide whether or not dripping will work for you. Here’s what you need:
  • Empty electronic cigarette cartridge
  • Paper clip or safety pin
  • Bottle of electronic cigarette liquid
  Extend the paper clip or safety pin, and push it through the hole at the top of the electronic cigarette cartridge. The goal here is to push the inner capsule or filler material out of the cartridge, leaving the empty plastic shell. Throw the capsule or filler material away. Be aware that nicotine can be absorbed through the skin; if you get any liquid on your hands from the filler material, wash it off. Place two drops of electronic cigarette liquid directly on the metal mesh (the “bridge”) in the center of the atomizer, and place the empty cartridge on the electronic cigarette. If the atomizer is completely dry, you may want to use four drops instead. Allow a few moments for the liquid to wick down to the atomizer heating element, and use the electronic cigarette. Since you are applying the liquid directly to the atomizer rather than waiting for it to wick down from the filler material in the cartridge, you should find that the cloud that you exhale is an enormous vapor cloud Whenever the vapor production begins to tail off, be sure to remove the electronic cigarette cartridge and add two more drops of liquid. I find that two drops of liquid give me about seven good puffs before I need to add more. Be careful not to add too much, as this can lead to a flooded atomizer. If you are still struggling with or don’t have enough time to maintain your atomizer, then upgrade to a better device. This may mean purchasing a higher quality product from a reputed online store like e-juice connect and one that delivers at 4 watts of power or more. If that is where you are right now, move up to six or eight. This step can make a big difference in your experience. When transitioning, remember to give yourself time. It is very common for individuals to find themselves overwhelmed in the short term, but if they work to maintain the process, it is possible to see success. Note: The electronic cigarette cartridge shown in the picture is a cartridge for the Volcano Magma kit. This tip will work with any electronic cigarette cartridge that uses an internal capsule or filler material that can be pushed out. If you do use a Magma, try V2 Classic Cartridges when you are ready to step up to dripping full time.

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