Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 is not just one of those legendary e-liquids that comes around once in a while. Being a product by the famous American brand, Naked 100, you can be assured it promises a lot more.

POG is an acronym to represent three fruit flavors in this shortfill e-liquid; passion fruit, grape and orange. Hawaiian POG takes you on a well-deserved vacation to the exotic Hawaiian island in every draw, and deliver a refreshing flavor and throat kick every time.

So what are you getting into when you purchase Hawaiian POG by Naked 100? Read through this article!

Shortfill E-liquid

The new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) introduced in 2017 restricts the sale of large bottles of e-liquids containing nicotine in the UK/EU. So if you live in the UK/EU, purchasing your regular e-liquids in 60ml bottles and more would be near impossible. That’s where shortfills come in.

Shortfill e-liquids come as 50ml zero-nicotine e-liquids pre-filled in 60ml bottles, giving you a 10ml room to add nicotine shots as you desire, without breaking any rules. If an 18mg nicotine shot is mixed with the Hawaiian POG shortfill e-liquid by Naked 100, you will create a 60ml bottle of e-liquid with 3mg nicotine.

Flavor Description

Vaping Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 is like squeezing fresh oranges, ripe passion fruits and guava in a tall glass filled with ice. The taste is as authentic as it is tantalizing. Fruit flavors can be sweet some times, overly sweet but that’s one of the things that make this e-liquid stand out. It is unbelievably subtle in sweetness with undertones of natural tartness.

The inhale delivers citrus-scented orange vapor right into your mouth, layered with notes of the passion fruit. The grape flavor dances out of your mouth in the exhale, balancing out the entire blend. You can vape this all-day, and you wouldn’t find any lingering sugary aftertaste.

Effect on Coil Life

Sweet-toothed vapers might agree that sweet flavors have a negative effect on coil life. Most times the reason is because sweet vape juices contain sweeteners (natural or artificial) that tends to caramelize on the coil.

This process reduces the life span of coils. The Hawaiian POG shortfill e-liquid doesn’t kill coils nor burn it out quickly.

VG/PG Ratio

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 has a 70/30 Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) level, which makes it suitable for Sub-ohm vaping.

The 70% VG ratio is perfect for vapers that enjoy chasing clouds. You can billow exotic-scented clouds and leave your environment smelling nice after every puff.

Throat Kick

If you would rather opt for lower nicotine strength levels, this shortfill e-liquid would be perfect for you. You would likely get a satisfying and smooth throat hit from the 3mg nicotine strength you create (when you mix the shortfill e-liquid with 18mg nicotine shot as indicated earlier).

If you prefer vaping at 0mg nicotine strength, you can vape the shortfille-juice without any added nicotine shots.


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