Twelve Monkeys Vapor’s Hakuna Eliquid is a shortfill eliquid that delivers a unique fruity taste with a distinct berry and apple flavor. As far as quality goes, this may just be one of the best e juices you would get to taste this year.

About Twelve Monkeys Vapor

Twelve Monkeys Vapor is a renowned manufacturer in the vaping industry that is based in Canada. However, that does not stop them from being a global brand with products in just about every vape store.

They create quality, premium e-liquids in a professional certified laboratory environment, and they make use of high-quality ingredients. All their products are lab tested and loved by vapers.  The best part is that all their products come with an affordable price tag so you do not have to worry about your wallet after. 

Hakuna E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor 50ml Review

Because of their manufacturing ethics, Twelve Monkeys Vapor has been nationally recognized, winning numerous awards including Best New Brand in 2015.

Flavor Profile

Hakuna Eliquid not only smells great, but it tastes just as good. It features a medley of crisp, green, and Fuji apples that work in perfect harmony to create this truly refreshing blend. The eliquid also has tart cranberries flavor that creates a delicious berry undertone which remains prominent throughout your vaping session. 

On the inhale and exhale, the brightness of the apple medley fills your senses and is then followed by a touch of sweetness to crown the flavor experience with a bang. Also, the eliquid does not have a bad aftertaste.

One added advantage of this eliquid is how friendly it is to your coil and wick. 

PG/VG Ratio

Hakuna Eliquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor is manufactured with 65 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 35 percent propylene glycol (PG). As a result, it works best with sub-oh, tanks and kits at higher wattage. You also get generous amounts of vapor with every vape as well as smooth and flowing throat hits.

Nicotine Concentration

Shortfills always contains 0mg of nicotine, which is why they are versatile and ideal for every vaper because you get to add nicotine to your personal taste. You add nicotine using nicotine shots and every shortfill bottle like this comes with additional space so you can do just that. Adding a 1 x 18mg Nic shot will create 60ml of 3mg E-Liquid.

Packaging and Availability

Hakuna E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor 50ml Review

Twelve Monkeys Vapor sure know how to present their e liquids in unique and interesting ways, the Hakuna Eliquid is no different. On the packaging, they use a high-quality foil print with amazing design and colors rather than your plain old packaging. The eliquid is contained in a glass, chubby gorilla style bottle which can help to keep your e-liquid crisp at all times, as opposed to plastic bottles. The bottle also features a tamper-evident cap ring for added insurance. 

A bottle contains 50ml of the Hakuna Eliquid formula and you can get it for £13.99 on Vape Green. The bottle itself is actually 60ml, leaving enough space for you to add a 10ml nicotine shot. 


For a premium ejuice, it seems to be priced reasonably. There may be cheaper ejuices on the market, but there is an almost zero chance that they would taste as good as Hakuna E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor.

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