Your coils can have a strong effect on the flavor you get and the vapor production of your device. Each coil has its strengths and shortcomings. Some of the best coils on the market are made by SMOK. This company has a wide collection of coils for flavor chasers and cloud chasers as well as newbies and seasoned vapers. SMOK coils are quite efficient and are known for their superior performance.

What Material is used to make SMOK coils?

Vapers who prefer to use other types of wires like stainless steel, nickel or titanium can go for the Smok RBA. One of the benefits of using Kanthal coils is that its exceedingly sturdy and can withstand high temperatures. This is why coils like the new SMOK Strip for the TFV12 tank can withstand high temps and still give you great flavor. When you choose SMOK coils, you do not need to go for a replacement quickly because they last longer. Another benefit of Kanthal is that it is cheap. This is why SMOK replacement coils are quite affordable. Kanthal, however, doesn’t offer a similar flavor improving properties as other wires. If you’re prepared to take the jump to the next level of vaping, you should need to think about some DIY choices.

DoEs SMOK Coils SUPPORT Temperature-Control?

Some SMOK tanks like the TFV4 come with coils that support temperature control. Be sure to check if your coil supports temperature control before activating the mode to avoid accidents.

Building Your Coils

Many seasoned vapers prefer to build their own coils. This can be a fun way to get the best out of your vaping experience. SMOK has created a few RBAs including the TFV12 RBA deck, and the SMOK TFV8 Turbo RBA head. If you’re thinking about building your own coils, you have a couple of different materials to choose from apart from the classic Kanthal. Most experienced vapers will tell know that starting with Kanthal is your best choice because it is the easiest material to work with. It is very versatile, so it is easy to contort and twist. It is also quite affordable, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. If you’re new, get a couple of feet of Kanthal wire to rehearse with first before proceeding to different materials. Once you have a hang of making a coil, you can experiment with other materials.
  • Nichrome wire is a level up from Kanthal and is anything but difficult to wrap. It’s less flexible, so it can be a bit tricky. Because Nichrome heats up faster, you’ll get more flavor and vapor with a shorter time.
  • Nickel wire is the fastest heating material, with close to zero resistance and high affectability. However, its high flexibility means it can liquefy when used at high wattage, so it’s regularly mixed with Kanthal or Nichrome.
  • Titanium wire is the most prevalent wire write for DIY vapers because it heats and cools rapidly. It is known for boosting the flavor of your e-juice.
  • Tempered steel wire adds a fresh edge to the flavor of an e-liquid. It is quite solid making it a good option for making coils.
You can get several types of replaceable coils at

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