Elf Bar is a brand that has been in the vape industry for a long time and has tirelessly worked towards creating aesthetically pleasing disposables with the most amazing features. Since its establishment, Elf Bar has been producing devices that come in different stylish shapes creating an impression of that shape being their only option. However, recently it has produced the Elf Bar disposable vape 5000 that comes in the shape of a box. 

The Elf Bar disposable vape takes on a box shape that exudes class and sophistication. Elf Bar disposable vape 5000 is a compact device that surprisingly packs multiple features, such as a massive vape juice capacity and a powerful integrated battery. Are you interested yet? Below is everything you need to know about this Elf Bar vape.


Mesh coil

A coil determines how puffy and voluminous the clouds produced are, making it an important feature in the creation of any vape device. This device has a dual mesh coil fitted, which supports a faster heating speed and unmatched vapor and flavor production.


Battery capacity remains an unbeatable quality in determining a choice of disposable by both starters and veteran vapers. Elf Bar disposable vape 5000 puffs has a battery capacity of 650mAh. This integrated battery is rechargeable via a type C port at the bottom of the device. This vape takes around an hour to fully charge, meaning you don’t have to stay without vaping for extended durations. 

Aesthetic design and hues

The first impression of any device plays an important role in the choice by the consumer, and the Elf Bar has mastered the art of creating devices that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of vapers. When vapers are looking for the ideal vape device, they are likely to get attracted by the hue and design. The Elf Bar comes in a variety of hues. Each device is color-coded according to the flavors they hold, and this makes it very easy for the vapers to spot their favorite flavor and purchase it.

E-juice capacity

Vape brands have created very sophisticated devices, with each having a higher vape juice capacity than their predecessors. This Elf Bar disposable vape 500 is a recent development by the Elf Bar and is fitted with an amazing vape juice capacity of 13ml, guaranteeing you very long vaping sessions and hefty clouds.


Elf Bar professionals have perfectly blended various fruits and candies in adequately balanced levels to create wonderful flavors. These are similar to Esco Bars Flavors, although Elf Bar has a wider range of options to choose from.  These flavors are watermelon ice, straw kiwi, peach mango watermelon, mango peach, lemon mint, blue razz ice, energy, strawberry mango, red mojito, sakura grape, cranberry grape, rainbow candy, sweet menthol, sour apple, watermelon bubblegum.


For starters and veterans looking for an impeccable disposable to add to your collection, this Elf Bar disposable 5000 puffs is your most definite device. The device gives you lifelong service and impressive experiences till the last draw. The wide range of authentic, mouthwatering flavors will keep you coming back for more. 

Where to purchase the Elf Bar disposable 5000 puffs

You can purchase the Elf Bar disposable 5000 puffs from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $15.99. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts.

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