The new trendy kid in town is vaping. The threats and hazards still have plenty to be learned. One thing is for sure, compared to daily tobacco smoking it is stronger. Traditional smoking brands tend to keep their manufacturing methods and products foggy. And the smoking industry still appears to use its large lobby to exploit health studies. None of that happens in vaping, where we’re dealing with a young industry that’s trending fresh. A lot of companies are trying to show how safe their goods are.

Apart from the fun vaping offers, some research shows that vaping helps certain people avoid smoking. Nevertheless, it is not clear if this compares with a nicotine patch or other smoking prevention strategies. Until now, the FDA has not licensed vaping as a smoking cessation process. And many smokers who vape still use cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes.

The Center for Disease Control’s stance is that “e-cigarettes can help adult smokers if they are used as a complete replacement for conventional cigarettes and other smoking tobacco products.” Meanwhile, the FDA advises that vaping is “not healthy for young people, young adults, pregnant women or adults who do not use tobacco products.” We don’t know what the e-cigarettes are about. Those products are not controlled by the FDA. And information about the long-term health effects is not available.

Nicotine is the main agent, and is highly addictive, in both normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes. When you decide to stop smoking it causes you to experience withdrawal symptoms anytime you have cravings. Nicotine is a poisonous drug, as well. It boosts your blood pressure and stimulates your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and a risk of a heart attack.

Are you terrible at vaping? There are still unknowns about vaping, including what ingredients make up the vapor and whether it has long-term effects on physical health. “People have to realize that e-cigarettes are potentially harmful to your health,” Blaha says. Emerging evidence indicates links to chronic lung disease and asthma, and links to concurrent use of e-cigarettes and coronary smoking. You’re exposing yourself to all kinds of chemicals that we don’t understand yet and that certainly isn’t healthy. “If you’re trying to get rid of smoking then pick an e-juice that has very little or no nicotine. Many brands show trace numbers. If you’re not a tobacco smoker, however, and you vape for fun, you may want to abstain from greater amounts of nicotine. E-liquids are sold in a range of strengths of nicotine ranging from 0 mg to 36 mg and there is plenty to choose from. This all depends on whether you like no nicotine, a small amount or a more closely resembling cigarette smoking experience.

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