Just for fun, walk up to the next serious vapor that you see and ask him why he chose the drip tip that he is using. You can spot the serious vaper – he’s the one sucking on something with the appearance of a ‘sonic screwdriver’ and producing plumes of vapor that would put Mount Vesuvius to shame. I’d be prepared to offer odds-on that any serious vaper can tell you exactly why he decided to use that particular drip tip. Enthusiasts It is in the nature of enthusiasts (especially male enthusiasts) that they over-enthuse. I remember when my family transport was a Land Rover Series III SWB which was LPG converted. It seemed that virtually every time we parked it anywhere public we were greeted by a ‘Landy’ enthusiast upon our return, inevitably they had parked their Series III next to ours and wanted a half hour conversation about every upgrade or adaptation that they had ever performed on it. It made it difficult to go out and be able to return quickly – however when we exchanged the ‘Landy’ for something more conventional we did miss the compatriotism of being ‘in the club’. Drip Tip Obsessive? From the outside, it might seem rather than ridiculous to give anything more than a passing thought to one’s drip tip. I’m sure that to many vapers a drip tip is just the plastic end attached to the cartomizer of their e-cigarette – but to other vapers the choice of their drip tip’s construction material, length, silhouette, color and finish are critical to their vaping satisfaction. Those that are content to use whatever drip tip is supplied with their e-cigarette are the lucky ones – we obsessive types can spend hours on end digging around the interweb for the ever elusive perfect drip tip, all the time knowing the futility of the search because of our understanding of the fact, that the perfect drip tip is a myth. Why ever ‘Drip Tip’? An e-cigarettes mouthpiece is called a drip tip because historically their purpose was to be the removable tip of a simple atomiser through which one dripped e-liquid – it originated back in the vaping days prior to cartomizers, cartridges and tanks et al. Today drip tips still fulfil their original roll, especially with the resurgent interest in ‘dripping atomisers’ however mostly the name refers simply to the mouthpiece of an e-cigarette which the vaper draws his/her vapour through. From here on in, I’m going to be discussing the vape through rather than the original drip through drip tip. Voyage of Discovery The journey that leads to my drip tip obsession began with my long past use of a Boge 510 cartomizer – one evening after refilling my Boge I managed to lose the small plastic cap that fits in the end, I scrambled through my vaping ‘bits’ draw and found a plastic drip tip that came with an old ‘bridge’ atomiser, which fitted. I soon found that using this drip tip made the removal and refitting of the cartomizer end much easier when topping-up the e-liquid. Horizontal Vase drip tip yellowAs this old plastic drip tip had begun to get too worn and chewed to be pleasant to use I ordered a black anodized aluminum replacement, it was the same straight tubular design of the plastic one that it replaced but to my surprise, my vaping enjoyment was enhanced by its use. The aluminum drip tip cooled the vapor a shade more than its plastic counterpart had done – from now on I was hooked! Types of Drip Tips The first categorization within drip tips is which type of atomizer/cartomizer they are designed to fit, the majority will be 510 push-on fitting but there are also the screw-on type for use with CE type cartomizers in addition to 306 and Mega/eGo B versions.freature drip tipVertical Pink Drip Tip The material from which they are constructed is normally plastic or metal but can be glass, wood, stone etc. With metal drip tips the metals employed can be Aluminium, plated brass, stainless steel or virtually any other metallic alloy. The shape of the drip tip can be a straight, tapered or waisted tube – or flattened end whistle tip – or Vase ‘Ming’ style – or for that matter anything else that you might care to imagine, such as skulls or snakeheads! Drip tips are also available in a range of differing lengths and colors. Why Care? In one way or another way, a drip tip’s design affects the owner. It may be nothing more than a preference for a particular color or a delight in the aesthetics of style in combination with the attached vaping device. More fundamentally the ‘feel’ of plastic on one’s lips is noticeably different to that of metal. Furthermore, metals can subtly cool the vapor more than plastic does. Different metals carry a different flavor on the tongue. Some materials like hard plastic, glass or stone can be more prone to snapping or chipping. The finish may be polished or matt affecting the tactile sensation and one’s drip tips diameter will fit someone’s lips better than another drip tip of a different width. The overall length of one’s drip tip can further alter one’s perception of an e-cigarette’s vapor. Drip Tip Journey I quite quickly chose a preference for metallic drip tips, graduating to good quality stainless steel construction. I have a number of shapes that I find to suit the styling of my various different atomizers and cartomizers. Recently I have been trying some of the better quality plastic drip tips which are maybe more comfortable in use but might be considered less pleasing to the eye. I fear I’m on an endless journey; however, it is one filled with delight and discovery which adds another facet to my increasingly obsessional collection of vape gear. Want to buy wholesale Drip tip? Get cheap e-juice drip tip online from China e-liquid drip tip wholesalers. DHgate.com helps you spend less money on more high quality best cheap vape juice drip tip. Hope you have a happy shopping experience. Conclusion If you have never considered being anything but completely satisfied with the mouthpiece provided with each cartomizer that you have bought then I’ll say “that’s great! If you are happy with what you have, then go and enjoy :)” However if you too are on the path of discovery, seeking the maximum diversity of experience derivable from your vaping life, then just rejoice in the experience of receiving cartomizer and the transient moments of gratification that it can engender… and if you ever find the mythical perfect drip tip, please tell me how to get it too!

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