E-liquids work best on your e-cigarette if you have identified your favorite flavor for great enjoyment as well as the appropriate level of nicotine for complete satisfaction. Stockists have very many flavors and the best way to get the appropriate one is narrowing down to vendors who are committed to quality. Nicotine liquid, which is commonly referred to as e-liquid or e-juice, is flavored by the manufacturer and you can select the one that matches your mood. Users enjoy varying combination of flavor as different levels of nicotine of about up to 54 mg. However, heavy smokers might require greater nicotine levels. Levels of Nicotine E-juice comes in different proportions to cater for users with varying needs and even tastes. This is critical because many e-cig users want to keep lowering their nicotine levels gradually. A significant number of users prefer to use e-cigs which are free of nicotine to satisfy their habits. To many users, reaching the juice is the primary goal that can be accomplished gradually as a craving for tobacco goes down. It is advisable to start by going for a stronger quantity such as 24 milligrams to check whether the taste is good and how satisfying it will be. From here, gradually take lesser amounts until you get the level you enjoy more or even reach 0 mg nicotine content. The bottle will contain the actual concentrations in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Note that these dosing levels do not have standards and different manufacturers may come up with differing levels. You will, however, get general guidelines that are easy to follow.
  • Nicotine-Free: 0 mg nicotine level
  • Moderate Strength: 4mg to 8 mg of nicotine
  • Medium Strength: 10mg to 14mg of nicotine
  • High Strength: 16mg to 18 mg of nicotine
  • Extra High Strength: 24mg to 54mg of nicotine
  • Warning, 54mg of nicotine is too high!
Flavors of Liquid Nicotine E-liquid flavors come in a wide range; tobacco, cigar, sweet, and sugary. There are dominant flavors which include strawberry, chocolate, coconut, and vanilla that trace traditional sweets and even fruits. Some e-liquids are also available in imported flavors like the strawberry daiquiri and Boston Cream-Pie. There is no limit when it comes to establishing varieties of flavors as well as nicotine strengths. Consider trying a flavor that can satisfy your taste. I smoked the menthol brand of cigarettes for many years, and I consequently selected menthol flavor to start with. I must indicate that it was truly delicious. However, I required going beyond the banana flavor. To get a lift, I went for vanilla and chocolate as a trick. After dinner, I also took cherry or strawberry flavors. When purchasing your e-cig from new vendors, it is advisable to try about 3 to 4 flavors. After identifying the appropriate feelings, narrow to the best e-liquid. Check whether there are offers that allow users to try varying flavors that are sold in small bottles. You should not fear even mixing several flavors to get hybrid tastes.

Best E-liquid Wholesale Brand in the USA

  Cyclops Vapors E-liquids cover the whole spectrum from natural tobacco extracts to luscious desserts and English classics like marmalade and ginger snaps. All the e-liquids come in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz bottles. You can choose from more than 8 type of e-juices with different flavors Coffee, Apple, Strawberry, Blackberry, and Vanilla. Also, you can choose from four different nicotine strengths: zero, low, medium and high. Most people love to experiment with flavors and Cyclops Vapor will provide you with more than needed.

Why Wholesale Cyclops Vapor Premium Vape liquids?

  While Cyclops Vapor sells products through our website, the focus of their business is selling their premium e-juice wholesale to brick and mortar stores throughout the United States and beyond.  Based out of the gulf shores region of southern Alabama, They use only the finest ingredients from US manufacturers. All of Cyclops Vapors juice is researched, tested, manufactured, bottled and shipped from our facility in Alabama, allowing the strictest of quality control for every bottle of premium e-liquid that leaves our facility. Every aspect of Cyclops Vapors approach to this industry places them a shelf above other e-liquid manufacturers.
  • Quality glass bottles in 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml
  • Child-resistant dropper caps on all bottles
  • UV coated liquid-resistant labels
  • The US sourced pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Isolated, sanitary juice production in class 7 clean room with healthcare industry level body substance isolation
  • Affordable minimum order quantities for new brick and mortar stores (with no MOQ on reorders)
  • Competitive wholesale pricing (at or below similar quality premium juices)
  • Supportive Marketing to assist in driving traffic and visibility to individual stores
  • A dedicated marketing and sales director to help with individual store promotions and outreach
  • Print  materials (interior/place of purchase) to promote inventory
  • Rapid fulfillment on new orders (most orders ship within 48 hours)
  • Fast, secure online payment with no service, convenience or surcharge fees
Every store that carries Cyclops Vapors products quickly experiences a spike in the sale of their liquids. Customers are always making the switch to Cyclops Vapor premium juices, and many stores even have difficulty keeping the product on their shelves and are forced to reorder frequently. Cyclops Vapor can guarantee with certainty that once your customers try Cyclops Vapor vape liquid, they will demand it be carried in your store. Take the first step reach out to the Gods on Mt. Olympus and let us know a little about you.  A dedicated sales rep will personally contact you within 24 hours, providing a complete info packet on partnering with Cyclops Vapor.  Fill out the form or call now to speak with them at (251) 989-9010. Cyclops Vapor look forward to working with you! Very good quality vaping products, top quality and fast customer service and care. Shipping has always been very fast, and Cyclops Vapor also provides excellent discounts if you’re patient.

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