Manufacturer: Cloud Alchemist Flavor: Festiva Flavors: Strawberries almond, vanilla whipped cream Where to Buy: Cloud Alchemist

Overview For this premium e-Liquid review, if you unfamiliar with Cloud Alchemist, let’s just say these guys are at the top of their game when it comes to making quality e-liquid. Everything is made in a state-of-the-art lab under super controlled conditions! Nose Sweet, creamy almond and strawberry with a touch of bakery note as soon as you open the bottle up. To me, the combination almost makes a bakery pie crust kind of smell but a little bit sweeter. Right underneath that layer is just a hint of dessert. Inhale The first flavor that hit me was the nutty crust and subtle strawberry flavor. The almond presents in full on the inhale, along with a bakery like quality making me think that Festiva might be utilizing almond components rather than a straight Vanilla almond mix whipped cream. It could also be a note of pie crust, sugar cookie or the like, but I strongly suspect it’s a fried pastry flavor. Very prominent on the inhale. You’d think it would be overwhelmingly sweet but it isn’t. The almond balances it out quite nicely so that the sweetness isn’t overpowering. It inhales smoothly and has a unique throat hit that I haven’t felt on any other juice. You feel it on your throat, but it isn’t rough or harsh at all. Exhale Smooth exhale with creamy vanilla and just a hints of strawberry blends at the back of the throat. Right as you exhale you get the full force of nutty crust and a bakery note. Those two flavors are easily the most prominent and are present at every stage of the juice. It lingers on the tongue for quite a while after the exhale. Vapor Texture This juice, however, leans heavily on the wonderful fried pastry flavor with the mild strawberry on the inhale without leaving enough room for the bread, satiating, savory goodness, which would add the necessary element to produce the harmonious sweet/savory equilibrium. The bread-like component is there, reminiscent of french toast or brioche, and by upping the wattage on my MOD (north of 42w), I did get a more satisfactory ratio, but even then, the fluffy vanilla almond bread-like portion of the profile is unable to gain as much traction as I’d hoped to see from a blend of this nature. Pros The powerful flavor is balanced very well. Not too sweet, not too rough on the throat. Definitely a juice to savor and can easily be an all-day vape. Cons Not a lot of PG/VG ratio options Afterthoughts This was my first experience with a Cloud Alchemists juice and I was pleasantly surprised. Normally I prefer a high VG to PG ratio but I was impressed with how smooth of a vape it is even at a 50/50 ratio. Overall, Festiva made a great first experience with Cloud Alchemist ejuice and I definitely want to check out more of it. It’s definitely one of the most premium ejuice brands on the market but there’s a reason for that: You pay for quality.  

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