Cheap E-Juices, a Costa Mesa, California-based eliquid maker, has been known for producing premium quality ejuices at very affordable prices. It has a wide range of selection including Candy flavors, Dessert flavors, Fruit flavors, Menthol flavors, and Sour flavors. I am in the mood for some fruit flavors today but I can’t pick the specific kind. So I opt for my usual go-to, the one that has plenty of fruits in it — the Tropical Fruit Cup flavor. In terms of flavor, this juice is no slouch, perhaps the reason why this has become one of my favorites. This is actually a combination of pineapple, mango, and citrus. The pineapple really is the dominant flavor, but minor notes of mango and a subtle twist of citrus grace the end of the vape pull.
“Tropical Fruit Cup by Cheap eJuice is a tropical flavored e-juice with freshly cut pineapple, mango, and a subtle citrus twist. You will not want to put this down.”
Once you open that 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle, the sweet scents of all these three flavors start to float in the air. Any room will right away be transformed into a tropical Hawaiian paradise, just quickly don your Hula skirt and Lei/garland. Now, if you literally give the juice a taste, you will still notice the prominent taste of pineapple with hints of mango and ‘citrusy’ blend. As mentioned earlier, the pineapple is the leader of the pact both on going in and out. Then on the exhale, your eyes will be left wide opened as notes of mango with a subtle twist of citrus begin to emerge and last through the exhale. What I particularly like about this ejuice is how its sweetness is just perfect. Unlike other eliquids, this will not cause you to cough or splutter. The vape is actually very smooth and pleasant on the throat. This tropical goodness vape juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. In terms of vapor and cloud production, Cheap E-Juice’s Tropical Fruit Cup eliquid is not a disappointment. It can actually fill any room with a tropical goodness scented clouds that are huge and dense enough to last for quite some time. Vapor production for this baby is absolutely awesome! This Tropical Fruit Cup blend is a perfect all-day vape regardless of the season. Some vapers though complain of a little nose tingling sensation, but they made clear this is not a major issue at all. This does not affect the flavor or the quality. Cheap E-Juice makes two nicotine options for the Tropical Fruit Cup lovers out there. The 3 mg of nicotine version suits those who are just starting out or those who just want a kick of nicotine. The 6 mg version, on the other hand, is best for current vapers or previous cigarette smokers as this sort-of mimics the kind of hit cigarettes give. There is no clear cut answer as to what level you should be. Personally, I believe it is more of a personal preference or what kind of vaping experience you want to attain. While the flavor is all good and the quality is top-notch, probably the main reason why I fell in love with this juice is its affordable price. Where in this vaping world can you even get something as good as this for less than 15 bucks? That’s right, a 120 mil bottle of this Tropical Fruit Cup by Cheap E-Juice only costs $12.99. Other brands as good as this is at least two times more expensive. Visit Overall, this Tropical Fruit Cup from Cheap E-Juice’s Fruit Flavors collection is something worth a try especially for fruit flavored lovers out there. The flavor is delicious, cloud and vapor production excellent, perfect all-day vape, nice packaging, and affordable price tag. This is definitely an all-in-one package you can’t just resist. You can’t just find such combination these days. The eliquid comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap and narrow needle tip. This two features are an added protection to kids and for easy transfer of eliquid into any atomizer or dripper. The bottle is wrapped with a label bearing all possible information you might probably need, including manufacturing date, expiration date, nicotine level, and the usual warnings.

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