It is not just important to find a CBD product but to find one formulated with quality ingredients and by the right company. If you want to buy CBD pet balm for dogs, then Penelope’s Bloom is the right company. This balm is made using full-spectrum CBD oil, shea butter and infused with essential oils such as; lavender oil and jojoba oil.

This mixture helps your pet to receive topical relief and at the same time raise a fort against bacterial agents responsible for a wide range of challenging skin issues. Shea butter keeps the skin moisturized, refreshed and, looking young. Of course, it does the same for your pet, at the same time feeling your pet’s senses with a sweet fragrance that is sure to provide relaxation at its peak. 

Penelope’s Bloom has proved worthy of the popularity it has gained over the years. Their use of all-natural ingredients makes the company’s products stand out from the rest on the market. The natural ingredients protect your pet from dry skin and skin breakage; healing it from the inside out.

Anxiety and stress can make your pet whine all through the night but this can be easily changed to soft coos of pleasure as it relaxes. Your pet’s skin, paws, nose and elbow can be kept soft, hydrated and well moisturized. 

The full list of ingredients used in this balm include;

  • Organic sunflower oil
  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Organic shea butter
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic candelilia wax
  • Organic Rosemary oil
  • Organic lavender oil
  • Organic Roman chamomile oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Vitamin E

How To Use

This CBD pet balm is very easy to use. Clean the area you intend to apply it first to remove all dirt and debris. Then proceed to apply the balm using your fingers or a soft cloth. It is advisable to keep your pet in place in order to allow the balm to absorb into the skin and begin to work effectively.

You can get this CBD Pet Balm from It is available with two CBD concentration levels; 150mg and 300mg. 

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