Candy Sour Sweet by Naked 100 is a candy e-liquid which has the authentic taste of lime candy dusted with sweet and sour sugar. Despite the combination of sweet and sour candy flavor, Candy Sour Sweet does not get overwhelming. You will not pick up hints of any artificial flavor from this e-liquid. The taste of this e-liquid is quite natural, so you will not easily get tired of it quickly. The first thing that you will notice about this vape juice is its sweet candy aroma. The flavor will make you want to do indulge in the e-juice at once Candy Sour Sweet by Naked 100 will give you a remarkable vaping experience on the inhale and exhale. This is a perfect sweet and sour candy vape juice.  You can taste the sweet candy infused with refreshing lime flavor and covered with sweet and sour sugar. The flavor will fill your mouth with every hit. You can pick up the sour tanginess of the lime with every puff and the sweet flavor blends in perfectly. The candy flavor makes this e-juice divine. There are other products with a similar flavor, but Candy Sour Sweet by Naked 100 is one of the best in my opinion. Candy Sour Sweet by Naked 100 is available with four different nicotine strength levels. The choices are 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The 0mg or no nicotine version is for new vapers or those who aren’t interested in nicotine. There is also the 3 mg or very low nicotine version for vapers who want a little bit of nicotine. The 6mg or low nicotine version is for those who want that extra nicotine kick or who used to be heavy smokers. It is important to note that nicotine level is solely based on individual preference and might require a little bit of experimentation. Candy Sour Sweet by Naked 100 has an eye-grabbing packaging design. This e-juice comes in a 60 ml bottle with a dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Naked 100 logo and other information about the product. You can easily purchase a 60ml bottle of this e-juice from the for $19.99. SmokingThings has a fast delivery system. This company also provides free shipping within the US for all orders that surpass $49. You also get 10% off for recurring shipping. You can’t get a better deal than this anywhere else.

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