Candy King Batch e-liquid is another classic candy flavor from DripMore. The e-juice blend has the exact taste of sour gummy bear candy, particularly Sour Patch Candy. Vaping Candy King Batch will take you on a trip down memory lane back to your childhood. If you love candy flavor or if you have a thing for e-liquids that are both sweet and sour, you need to try this one. If you have ever had Sour Patch Candy, then you know exactly what Candy King Batch tastes like. This e-liquid replicates the taste of the famous sour gummy bear candy with impressive precision. You get the fruity, sweet taste on the inhale. The tart quality of this e-liquid stands out more during the exhale. It is hard to pick out a single fruit flavor in this e-liquid. It is very sweet, but the sugary taste is complemented well by its sourness. Candy King Batch e-liquid by DripMore comes in a colorful box that reminds you of the package of Sour Patch Candy. The chubby gorilla bottle in the box has the same design. This is one of those e-juices that you can tell how it will taste just by taking a look at the bottle. DripMore did a perfect job with the packaging. This e-liquid comes in a 100ml bottle with a dripper cap which ensures that you don’t make a mess every time you vape with it. The smell that you get when you open the bottle of Candy King Batch is similar to the aroma that you get when you open a bag of Sour Patch Candy. This DripMore e-juice comes with varying nicotine levels so that everyone can satisfy their cravings while enjoying this lip smacking vape. You can get Candy King Batch with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. It does not come with a higher nicotine concentration so heavy smokers will have to do with 6mg of nicotine. Candy King Batch has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20 like other e-juices from DripMore. This means you can conveniently use it with a rebuildable drip atomizer. You can also use it with a tank and get an equally good flavor. The throat hit from DripMore’s Candy King Batch is quite weak – just as you would expect from any e-liquid with a sour flavor. It is also a MAX VG blend so it is quite smooth and the throat hit can be felt in your chest area. If throat hit is your thing, it is best to go for the version of this e-juice with 6mg of nicotine. For most vapers, 3mg would suffice to deliver the required nicotine buzz. Cloud production with Candy King Batch is excellent. You can’t beat the flavorful clouds that you get from vaping this mix. It is safe to say that DripMore hits the nail on the head with this blend. Candy Batch King is the kind of e-liquid that you can easily vape all day, and when it is done, you will want to get another bottle for your collection. You can get Candy King Batch from virtually any vape store that is well stocked. This e-liquid was released recently and has been making waves in the market. It costs about $34.95 for a 100ml bottle of Candy King Batch in most vape stores. However, you can get it for only $12.99 from the E-Juice Connect online store. Visit to take advantage of this deal. Candy King is an e-liquid line created by DripMore. The brand consists of timeless candy flavors. Besides Candy King Batch, the other e-liquids in the line are Candy King Swedish, Candy King Strawberry Watermelon, Candy King Belts, and Candy King Sour Worms. If you are interested in discounts on premium e-liquid brands, visit

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