Buttercream Frosting by Atomic Dog Vapor is another interesting vape juice that tastes like buttercream frosting of cakes. It offers notes of delicious cream followed by the thick taste of sweet butter. Most people prefer to taste the frosting as a first thing before they eat the cake. The flavor of the frosting decides the deliciousness of the cake. If it is a cake with creamy buttercream, the taste will make your mouth watery. This buttercream ejuice is a very delicious cake vape and is very sweet. This delicious dessert vape will be a treat for your taste buds. The amazing buttery taste of this e-liquid will surely make you vape this sweet cloud of dessert all day long.

Buttercream ejuice is highly recommended for sweet tooth vapers. You can enjoy this delightful dessert e-liquid whenever you feel carving for a very sweet and flavorful vape juice. You can feel the smoothness and creaminess of buttercream in both inhale and exhale with a mild touch of buttery vanilla cream. The sweetness in this vape juice is well balanced and it will not overwhelm your taste buds. It is light and very smooth with a yummy taste of authentic American buttercream frosting.

Enjoy and indulge in the taste of soft and sweet butter and fresh cream. Atomic Dog Vapor uses the high-quality USA made ingredients for manufacturing their vape juices. Their vape juices only contain 3 or 4 ingredients, including PG/VG, favoring, etc.  All their products are exactly free form added additives or extenders. The vape juices are manufactured in a clean environment under the command of experts in the vaping industry. Always remember to buy your favorite e-liquid from authorized sellers like Atomic Dog Vapor, do not depend on any of the street sellers.

Atomic Dog Vapor offers Buttercream Frosting in various nicotine strengths to satisfy all types of vapors. For those who want to experience the vape juice flavor can try the 0mg nicotine concentration e-liquid. 6mg and 12mg nicotine strengths are for those looking for a mild hit. Buttercream ejuice 24mg is for those heavy vapors. Buttercream Frosting is easy on coils.

Buttercream Frosting has a VG/PG ratio of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This is the most common ratio used in well-know vape juices because it provides the vapers full flavor taste and massive could. Due to the tick nature of this vape juice, it is better to use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) for vaping. 

Atomic Dog Vapor is an American company situated in Erie, PA. They are the manufacturers of over 40 well-known vape juices. The company offers fast delivery services all over the United States. All the orders arriving before noon will be shipped out the same day. All the orders are shipped by priority 2-3-day mail. The customer support team of Atomic Dog Vapor is ready to help you any time.

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