Brain Freeze is another impressive e-liquid by the famous Naked 100 brand. This e-juice has the flavor of ripe strawberries, kiwis, pomegranates, and menthol. These flavors are mixed by expert mixologists to create a delightful vape. This e-juice is ideal for vaping during the summer season. Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt has the taste of ripe sweet, ripe strawberries, and tangy kiwi on the inhale. On the exhale, you can taste the pomegranates and cool menthol flavor. Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt contains 50 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 50 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). It is best to vape this e-liquid with low powered refillable pod systems. This vape juice has the perfect consistency for pod devices. Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt contains high-quality nicotine salt. This e-juice comes with different nicotine strength levels: 35mg or 50mg. This e-liquid is easy on the throat. Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt comes with a simple packaging design. The bottle features a label with the brand logo and other valuable information about the product like its nicotine level, batch number, and others. You can easily buy a 30ml bottle of Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt from any vape shop. However, Ejuice Deals offers the best deals. At, you can purchase a bottle of Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt for $13.99. This e-juice is usually sold for $29.99. Ejuice Deals offers great prices and speedy shipping. After purchasing from this vape juice shop, you will receive an e-mail that will allow you to monitor your order. Ejuice Deals offers top-shelf e-liquids from different top brands like Naked 100, Candy King, Holy Cannoli, Air Factory, Keep It 100, Meringue & The Family, Milk Box, and many others.