Blue Raspberry e-liquid features a delicate blend of sweet and sour flavors. This premium e-juice is manufactured in the US by Juice Roll Upz. The Los Angeles, California based vaping company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality e-juice blends of fruit and candy flavors. The Juice Roll Upz collection of e-liquids is created to bring back memories of childhood. This collection of e-liquids of which Blue Raspberry is part of also includes Watermelon Punch, Strawberry, and Orange-Cherry. These Juice Roll Upz e-liquid line offer vapers the opportunity to vape their favorite candy flavors from childhood. If you had a thing for zesty blue raspberry candy as a child, then you should give this e-juice a try. Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz combines the flavors of raspberries and blueberries to create a refreshing vaping experience. This e-juice features a balanced combination of sweet and sour flavors. When you inhale Blue Raspberry, your taste buds are filled with the flavor of sour blue raspberry. The sour taste of the blue raspberry can be felt almost instantly. The exhale of Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz is sweet. As you exhale, it’s the sugary candy flavor of raspberry that fills the mouth. Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz has a mouth watering after taste. If you like sweet tasting e-juice flavors, then Blue Raspberry will not disappoint you. I say Blue Raspberry is for sure an all day vaping material. Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 80/20. The high VG content of this e-juice makes it ideal for a sub ohm tank and a rebuild able atomizer (RDA). Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz produces very thick clouds. As you can imagine, the high VG content of Blue Raspberry makes its cloud production unique and massive. This is a cloud chaser’s e-juice. The clouds that Blue Raspberry produces have a robust aroma. The throat hit is very smooth and subtle. The chances of burning in the throat are very rare with Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz. This e-juice comes in different nicotine levels; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz is sold in a clear glass bottle. This e-juice also comes with a black child proof dropper lid. This e-juice is available in different sizes on the market. These sizes are 30ml, 60ml or 120ml. The design of the Blue Raspberry bottle is elegant enough to stand out on the shelves. The design of this bottle features a combination of white and blue. There is also a picture of a blue raspberry roll up snack. Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz can be purchased at Vape Shop Deals. On this site, vapers can buy different e-juice brands at a discount. A 30ml bottle of Blue Raspberry can be purchased on for just $9.00. A 30ml bottle of Blue Raspberry is usually sold for $20.99. There are many more cool deals available for vapers on this site. You can purchase the entire collection of Juice Roll Upz e-liquids on Vape Shop Deals at a discount. The way to benefit from the discount rates on this site is to turn in several e-liquid coupon codes. By turning in this coupon code JRUVOL; you can buy Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll Upz at a cheap rate on There are several other cool vape deals that vapers can take advantage of on this site. There are also vape coupon codes for other e-juice brands sold on

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