So 2-3 months ago I was able to get my hands on some really great bigfindeal e-juice flavors that I really enjoyed. I am finally sitting down to review them. I know, I’ve been lazy! Today, I am going to share those with you.  The E-Liquids I tried is eSnaxx’s BIGFinDEAL Berry Burst e-liquid. Strength: 0mg.3mg, 6mg,12mg Size: 120ml   –   Price: 24.50 at cape vaping supplies eSnaxx”s is an e-liquid vendor . According to COMPANY, all e-liquids from eSnaxx are hand-mixed to order, and everything has a ton of customization options available including nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio and flavor intensity. I asked eSnaxx for a few samples, and they quickly responded with a great assortment that I’m certain to have a lot of fun with. The first e-liquid that I’ll be reviewing is eSnaxx’s BIGFinDEAL Berry Burst e-liquid. eSnaxx’s e-liquids are so fresh that the company places an advisory on each bottle asking the customer to wait five days for the flavors to mature and blend before use. Good luck doing that if you’re greeted with a smell like the one I experienced upon opening the bottle because this BIGFinDEAL Berry Burst e-liquid smells amazing even in liquid form. Even my wife had to comment: “Is that Berry cheesecake?” Even as I write this review, she is commenting on it from across the room. Honest to goodness, this e-liquid smells like the real thing — and it gets better when you taste it. I have never been much of a fan of dessert e-liquids. I usually find something wrong with them — they taste too artificial or too sweet and occasionally have too much throat hit. I really don’t want to get blasted with throat hit while using a dessert e-liquid. eSnaxx’s BIGFinDEAL berry burst is an e-liquid that really seems to get all of these elements right. One thing that I really like about this e-liquid is its excellent performance — the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol base is just right for creating an enormous amount of vapor and rich flavor with my Boge 510 cartomizer and ProVari e-Cig at six volts. At a nicotine strength of 12 mg, the throat hit never seems overpowering. In addition, although deejStuff Strawberry Cheesecake feels quite sweet when it hits the tongue, the sweetness disappears immediately as soon as you exhale. I have used this liquid constantly for more than an hour at a time while testing it, and I never once found it overly sweet — it’s quite remarkable.As a matter of fact, it tastes like good strawberry starburst without the tartness. I thought I detected a bit of buttery flavor in this e-liquid, so I contacted them to inquire as to whether it contains diacetyl. According to eSnaxx, bigfindealL e-liquid does not contain diacetyl, but it may contain acetyl propionyl, which is structurally similar to diacetyl. I am currently awaiting confirmation on this and will update this review when I have more information.  

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