You’re here because you can’t find a new juice you love. We’re going to show you how.
With over 7,000 different juices on the market today, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. When you have too much of a selection online and you only have a super small selection at your local vape shop, it can be really frustrating.
But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you don’t currently know how to find your next all day vape, here are a few tips we’ve learned over the past few months that we’re going to share with you.
 1. Look at your past favorite juices
Unless you’ve really just hit the bottom, chances are you first started vaping with a juice you really liked. Go back to it, and identify why you liked it so much. Was it because it was really flavorful? A deep throat hit? A nice little menthol kick? Was there just that note of melon that really made it awesome for you?
I personally use this to make selections for future juices. You need to establish a baseline of what you like, and your goal is to keep improving your baseline. For example, I really dig Custard Matter from The Mad Alchemist. It’s pretty flavourful, has the vanilla and custard notes, creamy and is just perfect for me. When I try new juices with the same flavor profile, I always go back and compare it to Custard Matter. Is it better? Is it worse? Is it different? If so, how? I make little notes of all of this to keep track of all the new juices that fall into this category.
2. Identify what flavors you prefer
Not everyone will love custard and cream. You may love fruits and only fruits. It’s important to know what you’re looking for so you take a sniper approach to finding a new juice, versus a shotgun approach. Once you have a list of what flavors you tried and love in the past, make a list of the flavor profile that really resonates with you. Make sure to include things you don’t like, so you can more easily filter through juices that you shouldn’t waste your time with.
Here are some of the common Vape juice flavor profiles:
  • Fruits
  • Fruits & Cream
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
3. Start from the top, not the bottom
Once you have that, you have a pretty good starting point of where to start from. It’s tempting to go out to your vape shop and show them your list and try anything and everything that fits it, but fight the urge! Finding your all day vape is a process that takes longer but will be more gratifying at the end. You don’t want to short-change yourself by settling on something that’s okay but not superb. Do some research. Two of my go-to places are SpinFuel and Ejuice Connoisseur. They provide a pretty in-depth summary of flavors. Find the most highly rated juices that fit your own flavor profile and put that into a list.
4. Sample it 3 different times
Now comes the fun part. Call around to see if any local vape shops carry the juices and go down and sample it. If not, then order a 15 mL size online. Vape Box is a great place to get a lot of quality juices in one stop. When it arrives or when you’re at the shop, make sure you still have the original flavor you started off with. Vape the original flavor, then the new flavor, then the original and again with the new. (Works best if you have a rebuild capable dripper) Do this at least 3 times, and if you get a “DAMN!” reaction, then you’re golden. If it’s just a meh reaction, keep going down your list.
5. If all else fails…
Try something just radically different. Sometimes we just don’t want the same flavor. I’ve found an all day vape with Freak Show Fire Eater, a cinnamon menthol that I thought was something I would NEVER like, but ended up loving it. If you’re still not able to find an all day vape, I recommend you give Vape Box e-quid monthly subscription’s a try. You don’t want to short-change yourself of a phenomenal vaping experience. Remember when you found that all day vape that you just vaped and vape and vaped? Rinse and repeat steps 1-4 until you find something you just love. Then tell us in the comments below what it is!

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