First of all, you will agree that taste is subjective, but there is definitely something for everybody. While one e-juice flavor combination may be eclectic for one vape, it may just be plain and simple for another. So to say one e-liquid flavor is preferred to another is definitely not an easy task. This is especially for those vapers who have to delve even a little, into the world of making their own vape juice. This is because there is an inexhaustible number of e-liquid flavors that you can mix together to create something unique, or vape on their own depending on your preference. In this article, we will be compiling the various types of e-liquid flavors that are available. If you want to really have an epic vape experience, then other than just choosing between flavors, you must make sure to also buy your e-liquid flavors from reputable manufacturers who actually take out their time in making their e-liquid flavors to be absolutely perfect even for DIY. This is so that you are ensured that you get the best quality of e-liquid flavors for you to whip up a great tasting vape juice.5 E-Liquid Flavors That You Should Give a Try Here are the types of E-liquid according to their Flavor;
  • Dessert and Bakery E-liquid Flavors
While some vapers will find e-liquids like this an undeniable temptation, some others can look away without anything, and we said why in the beginning. Here are some of the E-liquids you will find under this category:
  • Avocado E-liquid Flavor
  • · Beer Nuts E-liquid Flavor
  • Berry Blend E-liquid Flavor
  • Cookie Dough E-liquid Flavor
The list is definitely endless. And while all these flavors are available in already-made e-liquids, they are also available in flavor extracts for e liquid that allow you to be creative.
  • Fruit E-liquid Flavors
This category is a best seller for many vape juice brands. It is probably because many vapers absolutely love fruits. Nevertheless, there are also differences in the types of fruit flavors vapers would enjoy. For example, some vapers may find a mango-flavoured e-liquid ravishing, others may prefer a berry flavor to that. Here are some of the e-liquids under this category:
  • Apple E-liquid Flavor
  • Berry E-liquid Flavor
  • Melon E-liquid Flavor
  • Citrus E-liquid Flavor
  • Candy E-liquid Flavors
This particular category is targeted to all the vapers will a sweet tooth craving. Almost every vaper has one or two of these in their collection of e-liquids. Vapers who make their own vape juice may even mix some portions of these with probably a fruit flavor to give them a unique vape juice. Here are some of the e-liquids under this category:
  • Apple Pop E-liquid Flavor
  • Cool Menthol E-liquid Flavor
  • Candy Roll E-liquid Flavor
  • Marshmallow E-liquid Flavor
  • Tobacco E-liquid Flavors
An absolute delight for many ex-smokers. This category of flavors offer a resemblance of the old life of char and flavor, but this time, without the char. For many vapers who successfully transitioned from smoking, they may still have one or two of these flavors for those times when they need a safer reminisce of their old life. Even for vapers who have not actually had the traditional tobacco experience, they find tobacco flavors an absolute delight, especially when you mix them with some of your preferred e-liquid flavors. Here are some of the flavors:
  • Arabian Tobacco E-liquid Flavor
  • Classic Cigarette E-liquid Flavor
  • Cured Tobacco Flavor
  • Native Tobacco Flavor
Go ahead and grab a bottle of any one of these, mix it with one of your favorite e-liquids, and enjoy an epic vape.  
  • Herbal and Vegetable E-liquid Flavors
While some vapers will prefer anything to herbs and vegetables, you cannot still deny that some of these categories of e-liquid flavors is absolutely exceptional in an e-liquid blend. Some vapers do not even think that these categories of e-liquids exist. Some of the flavors you will find under this are:
  • Elder Flower E-liquid Flavor
  • Ginger Peach E-liquid Flavor
  • Lemon Grass E-liquid Flavor
  • Peanut Butter E-liquid Flavor5 E-Liquid Flavors That You Should Give a Try
Conclusion Remember we said the taste is subjective. So do not be disappointed if you try one flavor and it does not suit you. This is why there are many types under each of the categories we listed here. There is definitely one for you. If you are going to buy e-liquid flavors for DIY purpose, make it something high-quality. Manufacturers like flavorah pride themselves in providing these e-liquid flavors with high-quality standards. Grab a few bottles, one or two from each category and let your creativity take over.